Arrastão is a dance-concert, in which a performer/maestro directs light, sound and the audience in real time, inviting them to actively engage in the construction of rhythmic landscapes through the use of a balloon as a musical instrument that unfolds in multiple possibilities. This dance-concert stimulates an unavoidable commitment with and among strangers, in which Lander Patrick articulates an axis of orchestrations, forming a common performative matter.
Arrastão sculpts a choreographic agreement between performer-performer and spectator-performer, navigating in a triadic relationship, in which the singular determines the whole, the whole inspires the singular, and the whole contaminates the whole. The boundaries between action space and observation space are thus blurred.

Concept: Lander Patrick
Co-creation and Interpretation: Jonas&Lander
Artistic Consulting: Jonas Lopes, Margarida Bettencourt e Teresa Gentil
Special Participation: Sara Zita e Sérgio Diogo Matias
Light Design and Light and Sound Operation: Carlos Ramos

Production House: Associação Cultural Sinistra
Head of Production Booking: Inês Le Gué
Administration and Management: Gabriel Lapas

Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém, Materiais Diversos, Open Latitudes, Panorama
Residency Support: CoLABoratório Panorama, PACT Zollverein, Centro Cultural de Belém, O Espaço do Tempo, Alkantara, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Cineteatro Municipal João Mota Sesimbra
Support: Fundação GDA
Project funded under the tripartite protocol between the Government of Portugal-Secretary of State for Culture/DGArtes, Materiais Diversos and the municipalities of Torres Novas, Alcanena and Cartaxo