BOA NOVA (2021)

A complex of homemade phones builds an interactive device, a communication mesh that invites unprecedented interactions with the other.
In a time when network communication is headed by algorithms that pair people by affinity and enclose them in bubbles of similarity, in Boa Nova the other is the other, it is a break in the bubble, the other is the “good news” (boa nova).
How long would it take for two people to be in line so that they were no longer strangers to each other? And what kind of bonds could they materialize?
From sharing intimacy, to telling stories that have changed us, political impressions, to singing, flirting, and our visions for saving the world, in Boa Nova the enthusiasm for the decontextualized other, the other without references, the other as transformative power is recovered.

Concept and Sound Design: Lander Patrick
Production House: Associação Cultural Sinistra
Head of Production and Booking: Inês Le Gué
Administration and Management: Gabriel Lapas

An invitation from Associação Efabula for the Corpo por Vir