Cascas d’OvO was born from the need to explore a telepathic, superhuman communication as the maximum exponent of a couple's relational connection. Cascas d'OvO offers the experience of a new dimension of dialogue, where social relationships and their forms of expression are reconsidered: the theater as a microcosm of society that submerges the audience in silence and in the music of bodies communicating

Concept and Choreography: Jonas&Lander
Interpretation: Jonas Lopes and Lander Patrick
Light Design: Lander Patrick and Rui Daniel
Production (creation): Clara Antunes

Production House: Associação Cultural Sinistra
Head of Production and National Touring: Patrícia Soares
Production and International Touring: Inês Le Gué
Production: Gabriel Lapas

Internationalization Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Co-production: Festival Materiais Diversos