In Sovaco de Cobra ("snake’s armpit") by Lander Patrick, we are invited into a world where social rules must give way to the rules of a game. Using the angle of chess – informed by his fascination with the duality of this strategic and warlike game – Lander Patrick creates an energetic performance where new rules emerge, and the pieces of the game are challenged. Sovaco de Cobra is made for nine of Carte Blanche’s dancers who throw themselves into the game with warmth and vitality. The performance is full of virtuosity, and sharp and crisp movements; and the dancers orient themselves in a whirlwind of rhythms, tempo, and playfulness.

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Lander Patrick
Dramaturgy: Jonas
Costume Design: Lander Patrick
Light Design: Rui Daniel
Musical Composition: Mestre André
Interpretation: Noam Eidelman Shatil, Caroline Eckly, Dawid Lorenc, Tilly Sordat, Lin van Kaam, Max Makowski, Mathias Stoltenberg, Adrian Bartczak, Nadege Kubwayo

Production: Carte Blanche
Coproduction: Bergen International Festival 2022